Pet Resource Center + Downtown Dog Rescue on Skid Row

Growing up in the Bay Area, I used to see homeless people and their pets on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley panhandling and just living. I used to get mad/sad for the pets. Why would people take on a pet if they don't have their basic raw needs met? It always perplexed me. 

Years later as I learned more about people and their pets, I naturally became a fan of Cesar Millan. I love how he interacts with people and their pets, not only training the dog but most importantly the people who "manage" the dog as well. His technique of exercise, discipline, and love while walking dogs in downtown la has really helped me be more calm and assertive and most notably have control over the dog I was taking care of. I still get annoyed though in this heat. shiet. 

I cant remember if I was watching an episode of Dog Whisperer ( which btw I dont like when people call me that- Im not a dog trainer, Im a lover and take care of them, I think people that call me that have no idea what a Dog Whisperer is anyways) or reading one of his books and he said something along the lines of;  some homeless pets have a better life than a lot of "working" people. Which meant that dogs who have owners who work all day and all night are forced to stay at home with no interaction or exercise compared to a a dog who may be homeless but is with their pack all and night and most likely getting more exercise than a stay at home doggie. Made sense to me. Of course that does not apply to all "working" or "homeless" packs, but you get my drift. 

I then thought about homeless people and pets in a different light. We all deserve love and as we all know dogs are ready to love us unconditionally. 

I am certainly not for dogs being neglected, abused or bred for money- which I know can happen in a homeless or low income situation. I'm talking about the basic partnership/relationship between a pet and a human no matter what the human has materially. Dogs don't care about status or Chanel dog collars- they just want to be loved and give love. Some have to earn it (the big active ones), but ultimately aren't we all born just to give love and receive it?

The Pet Resource Center is a program that is apart of Downtown Dog Rescue, Inner City Law Center and LA Animal Services. This program offers free spay/neuter vouchers, license, supplies, and resources for homeless and their pets. 


As a downtown resident I'm grateful for program like this, to help out my fellow "neighbors". 

If you are in the LA area and have dog or cat supplies and food you would like to donate- message me so I can meet up with you to pick up and donate on your behalf. 

The world is pretty fukin crazy right now and as a earthling and an observer, I feel its our part to help out where we see fitted and do our part in spreading love. 

Thanks yall! xo