Cello Yoga @ Zebulon Cafe

Live music and yoga is so fukin cool. just kinda makes sense :) 

Kaleena, a yoga teacher and her husband Gabe, a musician- make a cute ass partnership. I love when couples create together. More of that please universe! 

To find our more info on their dope ass yoga sessions click below


Celene + Marco Wedding Pix

I met Celene while volunteering at Baldwin Animal Shelter about seven years ago. I thought Celene was about twenty something the way she carried herself-old soul for sure- she was seventeen.

Marco and Celene are high school sweethearts who are expecting their first human baby. Their first mammal baby is Juno- a sweet furry Baldwin Animal Shelter Alumni. 

Im so grateful that I was able to capture their big day with all their friends and family :) 


Anime Expo Portraits

What a weekend here in downtown la! 

Living right next to the LA Convention Center definitely has it perks- like all the amazing people watching when it comes that time of the year of the Anime Expo- basically Halloween for four days straight- but in the wretched heat.